Who We Are

Our Team

Steve Pridemore – Lead Pastor (Read Bio)
Terri Woodard – Pastor – Kids and Families (Read Bio)
Tim Arnett – Associate Pastor (Read Bio)
Joey Martin РDirector of Student Ministry (Read Bio)
Sandra Krumwiede – Office Administrator

Our Values

As an organization, we hold these values and continually ask ourselves these questions:

Authentic Community
Accountability, belonging, care and spiritual growth happen best with relationally-connected believers.
Q. Are you in a small group?

Biblical Authority
God has spoken to us through the Bible and we recognize it as the final authority for our lives.
Q. Are your priorities consistent with scripture?

Intimacy with God
God desires an intimate relationship with each of us.
Q. Is your relationship with God growing?

Relational Evangelism
God’s message of forgiveness through Christ is most effectively conveyed within the context of personal relationships.
Q. In whom are you investing?

Strategic Service
Our spiritual gifts have maximum impact when exercised in support of our strategy.
Q. Where are you serving?

Mission and Strategy

Our Mission

...is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Strategy

...is to create environments where people are encouraged and equipped to pursue intimacy with God, grow in community, and invest in others.

Pursue Intimacy with God God is real and we can have a real relationship with him. Through personal relationships, engaging worship, and solid teaching we seek to introduce people to an ever growing connection with Jesus who told us that he is the way to God.

Grow in Community Spiritual growth almost always happens in the context of a community. We are not solitary pilgrims on a lonely road; we are a family growing in the context of our relationships. We work to create communities conducive to growth.

Invest in Others The Christian life is all about giving: giving love, giving hope, giving resources and on and on the giving goes. When there is one who gives, it is nice. When there is a community that gives, it's a party. By investing in the lives of others, we express our thanks to God and our belief that Jesus Christ is the hope of the world.