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Waumba Land

What is Waumba Land?
Waumba is the Swahilian word for “creator.” Our greatest desire is to make Waumba Land an engaging and safe place where your preschool-aged (Birth-PreKindergarten/Transitional Kindergarten) children can experience God’s love for them and be cared for in smaller age-level groups by caring leaders.

We want all of our Waumba Land kids to know:- God Made Me – God Loves Me – Jesus Wants To Be My Friend Forever

Waumba Land is offered each week at 9:00am and 10:30am. It is a clean, safe and carefully staffed environment where your children will be well cared for while you enjoy the worship service.  Please note parents are sometimes asked to serve so that our adult to child ratio is kept low.

Waumba Land has three age-levels:
Nursery (Nursery Room) is for infants from birth until they are proficient walkers (12-18 months).
Toddler through 3 years old (Room 1) is for our toddlers and children who are under 3 years of age on 9/1 of the current school year.
Preschool (Room 3) is for children who are at least 3 by 9/1 of the current school year but not yet starting Kindergarten.  (Included in Waumba Land 3 are Preschool, PreKindergarten, Junior Kindergarten, KinderBloom, Year-to-Grow, Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten Year 1).

While we understand that some parents would like their kids of differing ages to be together, our rooms are based on developmental stages and therefore it is best for each child to attend their own age-level room.  Children will see each other during the large group time in Room 1 during the first 30 minutes of the service. Parents are welcome to stay as long as they need to as they help their child transition.  The leaders in our classrooms are dedicated and experienced leaders and will communicate with the parents about an exit strategy so the child can fully participate in their own discipleship experience in Waumba Land.

Registration and Check in: Registration and check-in is located in the church lobby.  Parents may check-in children from fifteen minutes prior to the service until fifteen minutes after the beginning of the service.  Please note that 15 minutes after the service begins the children’s areas will be closed for the remainder of the service to allow for teaching and small groups to occur without interruptions or distractions and to increase our security and safety. Being late happens to everyone once in a while, so if arriving after check-in closes, your children are welcome to join their parents in the auditorium or main lobby for that day and we look forward to seeing you next week.

Please note that not all topics taught in our adult or teen venues are suitable for little ears but are essential teachings for our adults and teens.  That is one of the reasons we strive to offer excellent children’s programs for your children that are age appropriate and helps them to be in a growing relationship with Jesus.

Promotion:  Children advance at the end of July each year (July 29, 2018), just AFTER Vacation Bible School/Day Camp (July 23-27, 2018).  So while children may turn 3 during the school year, they will remain in their same room until the second service on July 29.  Curriculum is adjusted throughout the year to meet children’s growing minds and bodies.  They are also guided into more times of being seated and listening as the year progresses to help prepare them for the next level in Waumba Land.  In our preschool rooms of Waumba Land, children will begin to gain skills of circle time, listening and responding to questions patiently, as the year progresses to help prepare them for moving into UpStreet their Kindergarten year.

Well-Child Facility:  Please note that we are unable to care for children who have runny noses, coughs, fevers, or other symptoms of illness.  Please note that if your child presents with cold-like symptoms or appears to not be feeling well, you may be asked to keep them with you or may be called to come get them mid-service.   We also do not know if children are immunized or not so it is important for parents to help us keep Waumba Land safe for all children.  If your child has been exposed to a contagious disease within the last two weeks, even if they have no symptoms, we ask that you keep your child with you during the incubation period.  Thank you.

New to Waumba Land?
Please arrive a few minutes early to complete a registration form and plan to provide your personal cell phone number which we will use to notify you by text messaging in the event your child needs you during their time with us in Waumba Land. Parents of children who are having difficulty adjusting may be asked to stay and participate with their child as new environments can be unsettling to a young child. Our services are available on-line through our website or our app, following the second service for those who miss service to allow their children adequate transition time to the new environment.

Partnering with Parents:
ParentCue, our Waumba Land parent take-home resource, is available in our Waumba Land environment on Sunday mornings. Parent Cue offers parents a plan for bringing home the faith discussions that happen on Sunday.

ParentCue App is also available for your smart phone.  This has become a favorite among parents because it also give access to our monthly theme song, weekly storytelling video and a whole host of other fun things to do with your kids during your travel time, meal time, bath time and bed time.  Check it out and download it at the App Store.

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For more information, please contact Terri Woodard, Pastor, Kids & Families, at terri@hillsidemarin.org or 415/924-2297 x104.

HillsideKids Volunteer Positions
Sunday Positions Open:
Nursery Leaders & Cuddlers.  Best volunteer job ever! Help kids and parents start out strong.  Consistency is important for the Lead roles.
Toddler Leaders (WL1) for each service (9 & 10:30) These are our walkers and early talkers. Socialization and routine help these little ones learn to love church.  A single teaching activity each week and story time make this fun for everyone.
Leaders for a new room specifically for 2 & 3 year olds.
We have a huge number of 2-3 year olds this year.  With a couple of dedicated leaders these kids could really be a strong group of believing and bold teens in Marin.  Would you help us begin this new ministry to 2 year olds?
Teen Helpers in Waumba Land (MS) and UpStreet/Avenue252 (HS) for both hours to be a small group leader to a group of kids in one grade level.
Non-Sunday Volunteer Positions Open:
Admin for registration/attendance data entry
Event Planner: someone to work with the team and bring events to HillsideKids at every age level.
Mainly Music Host: meet/greet/welcome new families to our Monday morning preschool music parent/caregiver/child program.  Help with set up and tear down each week.
Mainly Music Leader: train to become a mainly music song leader and help us to open up other time slots to reach Marin families and our own preschool better.

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