Mainly Music


What is mainly music?

mainly music is a fun program for parents/caregivers and preschoolers (ages 0-5) to enjoy music and movement together. mainly music also provides opportunities to nurture the relationship between parent/caregiver and child(ren), to celebrate the important role of being a parent/caregiver, and to develop friendships with other adults in the same life stage. mainly music was founded in 1990 in Australia, spread throughout Australia, New Zealand, became popular in Europe, has come to America and is now in Corte Madera, California! We are very proud to be the first mainly music site in California.

At mainly music, we promise to have a nurturing and fun atmosphere for both you and your child. Together we will create a place where you both will thrive and want to invite others to join in the fun! mainly music is a ministry of Hillside Church of Marin and as such you will have access to information about the other ministries of Hillside. There will never be any pressure but we do hope that you will find Hillside irresistible over time.

mainly music Mondays at Hillside meets on most Mondays during the school year at 10:30am. See schedule for exact dates.  We do take off most major holidays and take extended breaks over Christmas and Easter.

What mainly music is not…

mainly music is not a program to teach your children a specific instrument or dance. mainly music is not performance based for you or your child. mainly music is not out to make money. Cost of the sessions cover the cost of our license with mainly music, refreshments, and little extras that go in to making our program fun! The cost also includes paying a small stipend to our music leader who not only leads the class but also plans and prepares the mainly music team for each 4-6 week session.  mainly music is not a substitute for Christian education or formation classes. While we unashamedly sing a few “God Songs” the program is intended to be friendly and respectful to all. We sing songs about all kinds of things that interest your children and often use familiar tunes to make it easy for you to sing them at home.

What will happen?

mainly music runs it’s music sets in 4-6 week blocks. Each block is called a Session. Each session has 4-6 class meetings.  Each class includes 25-35 minutes of music, rhyme, movement, listening and more…finger puppets, balls, parachutes, instruments, etc. After the music portion of the program children are given a snack and adults are treated to their own coffee/tea break while the children play at our feet. Snack time is followed by a short toy time, where the children are free to play in the same room, allowing the adults to continue to visit with one another. The entire mainly music session lasts approximately one hour and 15 minutes.

When you arrive you will be asked to complete a short registration form.  That form will ask for your contact info including email address. Our primary form of contact will be email for special classes, session dates and for last minute cancellations. Since we are a largely volunteer team, we cannot run the program without adequate staffing.   The form is also shared with our snack preparation team to make sure that we have foods that you and your child can enjoy each week.  We try to provide a nut free and gluten free options among the snacks.

We do very little publicity for this program other than word of mouth and personal invitation by those participating in the program.  Be sure to grab an extra brochure each week and invite someone new to join you at mainly music.

What are the session dates?

There are 4-6 classes in a session, but newcomers can join at anytime.

Returning on September 10, 2018 


How much does it cost?

You can pay at the front door, week to week, at $10/family or you can by a 12-class pass for $95/family for a quarter (Saving $25 from the walk-in prices over three weeks) 

No reimbursement/no carry-over for missed classes in a session/quarter (if you buy the 12-class pass).

Any classes that the mainly music team needs to cancel due to low-staffing or facility use conflicts, a free class credit will be issued to those who have purchased a 12-class pass. For week-to-week/drop ins, no credit will be issued.  

Is this a one-time event?

No, mainly music at Hillside is an on-going experience to help young families grow close and to help build friendships among those who participate regularly. So there will be 3-5 Sessions scheduled throughout the school year. Sessions contain 4-6 classes within the same theme. There are periodic breaks in the program schedule between sessions while new music is chosen and learned by the team, as well as holiday and summer breaks.

Will I be given a CD as a part of my registration or weekly fee?
No, due to copyright laws and in accordance with our license with mainly music, we will not offer you any exact copies of our music sets.  You will be given the opportunity to purchase CDs that mainly music provides from our host each week at cost (items plus S/H from Australia). Or you can go directly to the mainly music website: where you can go shopping for music, t-shirts, instruments and more!

Email is our primary form of contact and sharing information about upcoming session dates and any Mondays where we might be off due to a holiday or have a need to cancel due to low-staffing or facility usage conflict.

This program is run mostly by volunteers from Hillside Church so occasionally we need to cancel due to illness or logistical difficulties. Please make sure to share your email with us so we can stay in touch in the event of a schedule change or send you a reminder that we have a new session starting.

If you have any questions or need more information, or if you would like information regarding volunteer opportunities (most do not require you to be musical!) as a part of our team, please feel free to contact:

Terri Woodard, Pastor-Kids & Families
415-924-2297 x104

mainly music/Corte Madera is a ministry of Hillside Church of Marin