UpStreet - Our Environment for Elementary Kids



UpStreet is our Sunday morning environment designed for early/lower elementary-aged kids (Kindergarten – Second grade) that meets at both 9:00am and 10:30am. It includes an engaging large group gathering for age-level worship and creative Biblical storytelling around our monthly virtue (, followed by a more personal small group time with caring leaders and children their same age. We want UpStreet to be the best hour of your child’s week. We strive to encourage each child to understand and embrace the following big ideas:

– I need to make the WISE choice.- I can TRUST GOD no matter what.- I should treat OTHERS the way I want to be treated.

In UpStreet, your children will experience the truths of God through learning about a specific virtue, related Bible stories and practical applications.

Our Commitment to Partner with Parents:
Our desire is to partner with parents like you to equip and help you to lead your kids to learn more about God when they are home.

One way we equip parents is to provide a weekly resource called ParentCue.  This take home paper gives parents questions and activities to do with their children that build on the ideas that were introduced on Sunday.  Most activities only take a few minutes and can be slipped into daily routines.

ParentCue App is also available for your smart phone.  This has become a favorite among parents because it also give access to our monthly theme song, weekly storytelling video and a whole host of other fun things to do with your kids during your travel time, meal time, bath time and bed time.  Check it out and download it at the App Store.

Legacy App provides parents with real time awareness of the short time that parents and the church have to be the primary influence of a child.  Download it today!

Check out a fun and safe place for your kids –  A fun, interactive site where your kids will love to go when you give them screen time.  Check it out!  Great reward for kids who want screen time!

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Room Location: UpStreet is located to the left of the registration area in the lobby of the children’s wing off the main parking area.

Schedule: Check-in opens fifteen minutes prior to the start of each service.  UpStreet begins promptly at the start of each service with a time of innovative music and prayer followed by a creative approach to our monthly virtue & our Bible story. Following our time of praise and worship, children will hear the virtue and story, memory verse and others information they need for the day.  At the conclusion of large group time, children will move into age-level groups to look creatively at ways to incorporate and apply what they just learned.

Your attention please…
Because children arriving late not only hate walking late into the room but they have missed at least a portion of the foundation for everything that follows. Fifteen (15) minutes after the service begins the children’s areas will be closed for the remainder of the service to allow for teaching and small groups to occur without interruptions or distractions and to increase our security and safety. Being late happens to everyone once in a while, so if arriving after check-in closes, your children are welcome to join their parents in the auditorium or main lobby for that day and we look forward to seeing you next week.

Please note that not all topics taught in our adult or teen venues are suitable for little ears but are essential teachings for our adults and teens.  That is one of the reasons we strive to offer excellent children’s programs for your children that are age appropriate and helps them to be in a growing relationship with Jesus.

Registration and Check in:
First time? Please come to the main Registration area located in the Children’s Wing, birth-5th grade.  A greeter will help you find your way to us!  (6th grade is considered Middle School and their program is during the 2nd hour at The House with Joey Martin, Director of Student Ministry and his amazing Middle School Team.) 

Registration and check-in is located in In the Children’s Wing off the main parking lot for Waumba Land & UpStreet. It is in the hall off the Lobby for Avenue252.  Parents may check-in children from fifteen minutes prior to the service until fifteen minutes after the beginning of the service.

Well-Child Facility:  Please note that we are unable to care for children who have runny noses, coughs, fevers, or other symptoms of illness.  Please note that if your child presents with cold-like symptoms or appears to not be feeling well, you may be asked to keep them with you or may be called to come get them mid-service.   We also do not know if children are immunized or not so it is important for parents to help us keep UpStreet safe for all children.  If your child has been exposed to a contagious disease within the last two weeks, even if they have no symptoms, we ask that you keep your child with you during the incubation period.  Thank you.

New to UpStreet? Please arrive a few minutes early to complete a short registration form and provide your personal cell phone number which we will use to notify you by text messaging in the event your child needs you during their time with us on UpStreet.

Parents Continue the Lessons at Home:

GodTime is the weekly devotional that small group leaders send home with your child each week.  Parents need to encourage their elementary aged child to create a time each day to read through the GodTime, do the activities and pray with them.  This will help your kids really make scripture and application of that scripture a part of their every day life (and yours too!).  We are finding that many families like to do them as a family devotion after dinner and before the bedtime process begins.  To encourage our kids to dig deep during the week, we have begun a Treasure Box reward program, where when kids return their GodTime, initialed by parents, they get a trip to the Treasure Chest!

For more information, please contact Terri Woodard, Pastor, Kids & Families, at or 415/924-2297 x104.

HillsideKids Volunteer Positions
Sunday Positions Open:
Nursery Leaders & Cuddlers.  Best volunteer job ever! Help kids and parents start out strong.  Consistency is important for the Lead roles.
Toddler Leaders (WL1) for each service (9 & 10:30) These are our walkers and early talkers. Socialization and routine help these little ones learn to love church.  A single teaching activity each week and story time make this fun for everyone. We need a couple of people who will share the 9am service hour and we need a sub for 10:30am.
Leaders for a new room specifically for 2 & 3 year olds.
We have a huge number of 2-3 year olds this year.  With a couple of dedicated leaders these kids could really be a strong group of believing and bold teens in Marin.  We are looking for someone who can serve at the 9am every other month, starting in April.  One month on, one month off.
UpStreet: looking for a co-leader for 10:30am.
Teen Helpers in Waumba Land (MS) and UpStreet/Avenue252 (HS) for both hours to be a small group leader to a group of kids in one grade level.
Non-Sunday Volunteer Positions Open:
Admin for registration/attendance data entry
Event Planner: someone to work with the team and bring events to HillsideKids at every age level.
Mainly Music Host: meet/greet/welcome new families to our Monday morning preschool music parent/caregiver/child program.  Help with set up and tear down each week.
Mainly Music Leader: train to become a mainly music song leader and help us to open up other time slots to reach Marin families and our own preschool better.

Important Dates

AMPED! Vacation Bible School/Day Camp, July 23-27, 8:30AM-12:00PM.
For children 3 (potty-trained) year olds through incoming 6th graders. Registration available at the quick link below.

Promotion Sunday – Moving Up! July 29th during the second service.

Important milestone for the kids and their families as kids move to their next environment.