Hillside & Lucas Valley

The congregations of Hillside and Lucas Valley Community Church have decided that God is calling us to a new chapter: we are joining together to become one church gathering in two locations!

After several months of conversation, prayer, and deep consideration we believe God is leading us to join together as one church gathering to worship in two locations: Corte Madera and Lucas Valley. We will be worshipping together for a season then relaunching ministry in Lucas Valley in the spring! Our goal in this is clear – to see a vibrant, Christ centered community of faith reaching out in love to Lucas Valley and the surrounding area.  

To listen to Pastor Steve Pridemore explain the vision click here

What does it mean for Lucas Valley to merge with Hillside?
One way to think about what this means is to think about the merger as an adoption. Lucas Valley will take on the name, culture, and values of its new family: Hillside Church of Marin. In turn, Hillside will celebrate, honor and build on the strengths of Lucas Valley’s rich legacy. Our shared values, beliefs, and approach to ministry make us confident that this transition, while it will take some time, will go well.

What does it mean for Hillside to be a multi-site church?
It means we will be one church in multiple locations. Namely, we will share one vision, one set of values, one budget, one ministry strategy, one teaching team, one Lead Pastor, and one board. Key ministries will be constant across all locations, and will include excellent weekend worship services with the same sermon series, family ministries, small groups, and local mission. There will also be shared central operations which will allow the location specific staff to focus on ministry to the church and community.

How will we do this without burning out the current staff?
This has been one of our guiding questions from the beginning of our conversation. We are very aware that this won’t work if we just double everyone’s workload! The relaunched Lucas Valley congregation will be staffed with a full-time Site Pastor, a part-time Family Ministry Director, a part time Worship Leader and a shared administrative support team. This merger will also allow us to hire a part time Director of Operations to be shared between the two locations and the two preschools. This will take much of that work off of Pastor Steve’s plate and allow him to focus more on equipping and investing in leaders. It will take work to get there but we believe that this will make our ministry more sustainable and healthy in the long run.

How will teaching be handled at each location?
Each location will have live teaching by one of the pastors. Steve Pridemore will continue to be the primary teacher at the Corte Madera Location and the new Site Pastor will be the primary teacher at Lucas Valley. The sermon series, topic, and scripture will be the same at both locations.

What will the merged church be called?
Typically, in situations like this where one church “adopts” another church, the adopted church takes the name of the parent church. So the new church will be called Hillside Church – Lucas Valley. The church as a whole will retain the name “Hillside Church of Marin” with the two locations being referred to online, in print, etc. as “Lucas Valley” and “Corte Madera” or “Hillside – Lucas Valley” and “Hillside – Corte Madera” depending on context. Hillside’s name carries value, a positive reputation and recognition in the community and we want to build on that value. Hillside refers to the various Hillsides in Scripture (sermon on the mount, Golgotha) not merely the topographical feature of our Corte Madera location.

What is the timeline for all of this?
Beginning September 30th both congregations will begin a season of worshipping together at the Corte Madera location. Our goal is to launch Hillside – Lucas Valley in the weeks leading up to Easter 2019.  We believe this is a critical time for us to forge an identity as a united church and prepare to re-launch Lucas Valley together. During that interim period we will be working to complete four overlapping phases:

(1) Integrating the Churches – bring the two churches together personally, administratively, legally and financially.
(2) Hiring Staff – We will be hiring a site pastor for Lucas Valley and several part time staff including a worship leader, kids ministry director and a site administrator.
(3) Developing a Launch Team – Over the time we are worshipping together we will be recruiting and training people to serve on the launch team in areas including: family ministry, host team, small group leadership, worship team, prayer team, and mission initiatives.
(4) Updating the Facility – We will work on completing the needed improvements to bathrooms, paint, signage, technology and acoustics. 

Our goal is to re-launch in full before Easter 2019!

What’s my part?
There are four key things you can do:

CELEBRATE. These are exciting days for Hillside and Lucas Valley as God is leading us into a new vision for the future. It is a great opportunity to help even more people become rooted in Jesus and released to His mission.
PRAY. Pray that God will continue to bless this endeavor and give us wisdom. Pray for the hires that need to be made and the teams that need to be formed. We are excited about what could be, but know that it’s God’s Spirit moving in the hearts of His people that makes all of this possible. Pray that lives will be changed as people are reconciled to God as a result of this step of faith!
JOIN. If you already attend Lucas Valley or live in the area, join the core team that will re-launch this congregation. In the months ahead there will be opportunities to join the teams we will be building, get involved and serve. Even if you do not live in the Lucas Valley area but live in Northern Marin this is a great chance for you to serve in a new, exciting endeavor.
INVITE. Invite your Lucas Valley and Northern Marin friends to services following the re-launch.

Where can I go if I have questions?
If you have further questions please feel free to reach out to the leadership of of Hillside or email your questions to together@hillsidemarin.org.