Hillside Small Groups

If you are looking for a community within which to journey deeper than Sunday morning then you are in the right place! You can’t make a plant grow, but you can give it ideal growing conditions and it probably will. Likewise, we can’t make you grow spiritually but we can create the structures to help you do so and you probably will.

Small Groups are one of those structures. They are groups of people, usually no more than eight, who get together regularly to encourage each other to take concrete steps towards growth. We are all called to follow Christ and love our neighbor; it is a lot easier to do so in a small group of trusted friends.

We have several Small Groups, some meet during the day and others meet at night. New groups begin throughout the year. If you think you might like to join a Small Group let us know. We’ll do our best to get you in the right place and growing!

What to Expect

Before talking about what Small Groups are let’s clear up some common misconceptions. Small Groups are not:

Group therapy or support groups
Teacher led classes/lectures
Weekly parties
Meditation groups

Small groups are communities of people who come together to pursue growth in their relationships with God and those around them. Every small group at Hillside has a slightly different shape but most are formed around three main components:

Time for catching up and conversation
Small groups quickly become groups of friends who care about each other. Most groups allow time for talking about the week’s events.

Study and discussion
Our Small Groups base their discussion and study time on the Sunday sermons. The group will work through a few questions designed to help participants to dig a bit deeper into the topic presented on Sunday and think through the key question: “How can we put what we are learning into practice?”

Once the group has learned about what is going on and discovered truths that can be applied to those situations, there is usually a time of prayer before the meeting ends. This is a chance to pray for each other and celebrate together.

How to Join a Group

If you are interested in joining a group take some time and answer the following questions for yourself:

What are you looking for in a group? Why?
When could you be part of a group? Daytime or evening? Which days work best?

Once you have worked through those questions take a look at our current group list below. These are the groups that currently have room to grow. Feel free to contact the leader of any group you think might be a good fit. They will tell you more about the group and how you can get plugged in.

Sundays, 4pm in Greenbrae
Howard and Theresa Chang
on-site childcare will be arranged – contact Theresa – email

Sundays, 4pm in Novato
Frank and Brittney Conroy – email

Mondays, 7pm in Novato
Keith and Terri Woodard – email

Tuesday, 7:15am at SF Ferry Building
Justin Davidson – email

Tuesdays, 10am at Hillside (Women’s Group)
Phyllis Galanis – email

Tuesdays, 7pm at Hillside (Men’s Group)
Moe Razavi – email 

Tuesdays, 7pm at Hillside (Women’s Group)
Patricia Burgos – email

Tuesdays, 7pm in San Rafael (Women’s Group)
Laura Targgart – 415-482-6099

Wednesdays, 7pm in Mill Valley (Couples’ Group)
Tyrren and Cindy Yates – email – 906-792-5736

Wednesdays, 7pm at Hillside 
Tom and Jeanne Rowe – 415-497-5589

Thursdays, 7pm in San Rafael (Young Adults Group)
Joey and Sarah Martin – email